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3 friends

16 years ago the founders had the first Whiskey jointly in a ski lodge close to Pruggern: They talked about entrepreneurship (René was recently appointed managing director of a small metal-cutting company),  about career plans (Michael had to decide whether to study computer science or start a fast-track management program at Bayer) and about innovation (Jörg was able to control his washing machine via SMS):

Friendship was born!


During the next decade each followed his own career path, but René, Jörg und Michael helped another out and experienced how all of them developed successfully: 

Trust was born!


In the year 2010 Michael and René used the opportunity to start their first common entrepreneurial adventure. On this basis the idea came up to create a long-term partnership focussed on growth and innovation. Jointly with Jörg the values Development, Joy and Appreciation were defined and in 2011, with a glass of Whiskey, the 3 came together as business partners:

ELFIN was born!