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PhilosophieThe most important factors for the ELFIN GmbH are the "what", "who" and particularly the "why". These three values are the core concept of everything we do and the basis of our acting.


The intention of the ELFIN GmbH is to move things through development. We pursue this goal, not only in our services but also with our own company and employees. Thus, we offer a constantly and advanced education for our employees. In addition to the academic qualifications the personality of our employees is the center of our acting. 


The ELFIN team places great emphasis on fun at work. Openness and different personalities are the key for a successful team and joy. A team always shares the success. This results in mutual support and an increase in the overall performance. We share this joy also with our customers.


We value every day and...

... appreciate our customers. Your ideas are helping us to jointly achieve our goals. We are grateful for exciting projects and are happy that you appreciate us to solve this for you.

... appreciate our employees. The know-how and the work of our employees is the key driver to enable your success. Besides their working time, our employees enrich the ELFIN GmbH through their motivation, dedictation and fun.

... appreciate our life. Life can not be successful without vitality. We have the aim to create a natural balance between professional and private life. We apply this approach day by day.