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M2M-Presentation in Schwelm

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M2M-VortragThe Schwelmer Symposium took place on the 10th and 11th of June 2013. 19 experts presented this year their ideas. Among them, Jörg Hellmich made his contribution with "M2M - Internet of Things". The connection of machines via the internet is considered the 4th industrial revolution. Firstly, he exposed the technical basis and the current developments on the internet technologies. To conclude, he gave an overview about the possibilities and risks of the use of the machines and lifts through the internet.

Services around the beep

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Bosch Veranstaltung 2012

It is almost a tradition to have a presentation for the participants who have already arrived on the Heilbronner Aufzugtage the previous evening. This year the companies Bosch Security Systems and SafeLine invited to the event at the Insel-Hotel Heilbronn on Monday, the 14th of March of 2013.

Imagevideo CANopen-Lift

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CANopen-LiftOn the 29th January a meeting of the CANopen Special Marketing Group Lift took place at ELFIN GmbH.

The main point of the meeting was the elaboration of a script for an image video of CANopen-Lift. The video, which should explain the advantages of CANopen-Lift in a comprehensive and easily to understand approach, will be created during the next weeks and will be shown at different websites and events.

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Finally Kölsch

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Echt Kölsch

One day after the 11th of November of 2012 (a special in Cologne) the shareholders of the company agreed to change the headquarter of ELFIN GmbH from Langenfeld to Cologne. With a new trade register number, higher tax rates, a 'K' on the license plate and a triple Alaaf, we are pleased to be now true "Cologners"!

Second meeting of the manufacturer of lift controller units

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Logo OC4LOn the 19th of September of 2012 the second meeting of the manufacturer of lift controller units took place at the company KW Aufzugstechnik GmbH. The company ELFIN GmbH invited to the meeting and moderated the discussions. The invitation to Oberursel was adressed this time to 15 mid sized lift controller manufacturers.

Data exchange with building automation systems

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VDI und VFA gemeinsamer RichtlinienausschussIn Autunm 2012 the current policy VDI 6013 will be revised. (Data exchange with building automation systems).

Jörg Hellmich, as a delegate of the VFA-Interlift e.V., will take part in the revision of the policy and represent the interest of the small and medium sized elevator companies on this issue. He will continually inform the VFA about the current work of the committee.

CANopen SMG-Lift at ELFIN

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Treffen der Marketing Gruppe Lift in Köln bei ELFINOn 12th of September 2012 the meeting of the Special Marketing Group Lift (SMG Lift) took place at ELFIN GmbH.

The main points of the meeting were the preparation of Interlift 2013, the preparation of CANopen-Lift demonstrator, the communication to the press, the creation of an image video and the development of the elevator model at the University of Heilbronn. Moreover, the posibilities to present the advantages and functionalities of CANopen were discussed. In the end, the CAN Newsletter Special CANopen Lift (print) and (online) was pointed out and the participants were kindly asked  to send technical articles.

Celebration in Siegburger Straße 215

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Einstand bei der ELFIN GmbH in den neuen Büros

On the 7th of September of 2012 we celebrated our move to Siegburger Straße 215. We shared Kölsch beer, sparkling wine and bagels with our new office partners: The online incubator betafabrik, the IT-specialist operator next level, the online travel agency Clubfamily and Fortuna Köln. The gfu-consult was also there and brought us the traditional basket with bread and salt as a present.

Meeting of the manufacturer of lift controller units

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offene SchnittstellenA meeting of lift controller manufacturers took place at the company KW Aufzugstechnik GmbH on the 25th of June 2012. The company ELFIN GmbH invited to the meeting and moderated the discussions. The invitation to Oberursel was addressed this time to 14 mid sized lift controller manufacturers.

Innovation Time


Nothing is stronger as an idea whose time has come.

Victor Hugo


Leave the team some space to develop their ideas and have the possibility and time to materialise their inspiration - that is the aim of ELFIN-Innovation-Time, in short i-TIME.

ELFIN GmbH lets his coworkers 10% of their work time to try to shape their new ideas - if they use that time themselves or in teams, in the office or outside, it is their decision.

VFA information day - VDI 4707 part 2

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VFA Aussprachetag zur VDI 4707-2 Energieeinsparung ELFINOn 13th of June 2012 a VFA information day took place in collaboration with the VDI, about the new guidelines for VDI 4707 part 2. This guideline is currently available in a preview version and will provide methods of energy calculation of elevators.

Eleven experts explained the basis of the new standard at the event. A tool for the calculations of energy needs was presented and about 50 participants were shown methods to calculate the shaft, the doors and several types of devices efficiency.


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