New flexyPage product: flexyPage Messenger for Hearing impaired emergency call

 flexyPage Messenger for Hearing impaired emergency call

We proudly present by this blog entry our new flexyPage software, the flexyPage Messenger.

What does the flexyPage Messenger do?

In the event of a malfunction with people trapped, elevators are equipped with an emergency call device to a permanently manned location. However, if the trapped persons are hearing impaired or foreign speakers, they cannot communicate properly with the control center via acoustic emergency call devices. With our flexyPage Messenger, we offer a solution to provide elevators with a visual second communication channel for trapped persons with a hearing impairment. This function is supported by all flexyPage displays, from 18 cm (7") to 190 cm (75"). It can be operated via touch screen or external buttons. With our flexyPage displays, you can easily retrofit two-way communication for people with hearing impairment into existing lifts.

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