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CANopen at the "Heilbronner Aufzugstage"

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Jörg Hellmich in Heilbronn - Quelle Kolb - LiftJournalThe 30th anniversary edition of Heilbronner Aufzugstage took place in Heilbronn on March 5th-6th 2013. Due to the renovation of the university, the event was hosted at the Heilbronner Harmonie, a very pleasant place for this anniversary of the event.

The main topics of this year were the "Functional security" and "CANopen-Lift / CANopen Safety".


Jörg Hellmich began the second day with the presentation "CANopen: State of the art - safety-related signal transmission in elevators", in which he first explained the current state of the open communication protocoll and he showed the possibilities of secure signal transmission using CANopen Safety. Thereafter, professor Meroth of Heilbronn University reported on the practical implementation of the standard into a model elevator and the possibilities and goals that will arise through the open protocol and this project.

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