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Katrin Grashof's blog

Lookout 2018 – ELFIN’s conference day

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When a new year starts, it is time for thinking about development, making plans, and forming pious intentions. Maybe we consider a better personal development in our jobs, where to go for summer holiday and to start running when the weather is better – really! But last week, we did not only focus on our private plans, but mainly about how we can shape the future of ELFIN. We took a day off daily business and had a conference in the center of our beautiful city.

Jumping forward to Christmas

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December has come, the time of the year when we are finally officially allowed to look forward to Christmas. And we do – we could jump into the air out of excitement. And that’s exactly what we did. On 8th December, we had our Christmas party at JumpHouse Cologne. 90 minutes full of coordination, exercises and of course fun, fun and fun followed our arrival. Having to decide between three Dutch ball fields, a parkour, a balance beam, and different trampoline attractions, boring was not a word we used this afternoon.

St. Nicholas was here..

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... and surprised us with a little gift, compensating the lack of snow these days. For each of us, he had a tasty chocolate- St. Nicholas. A really nice gesture, as we think.

We wish all of you a beautiful and contemplative St. Nicholas day - and maybe our dream of  a white Christmas comes true! 

Social Day at ELFIN

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Annually, about a third of all food produced globally for human consumption is wasted, which harms the environment, the economy and also the people being in need for something to eat. We at ELFIN want to fight for the reduction of food waste and have already started.

The ELFIN table soccer tournament has been taken to the next level

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As the first ELFIN table soccer tournament has been carried out so successfully, we decided to repeat it once again, and it has been worth it! Starting very calm and cozy, the players enjoyed some pizza and cool drinks as a refreshment to have a good start in the tournament. Showing an enthusiasm worth a real world championship, the players competed in the tournament and fought for every ball and goal. In a tough fought final, a new team was able to replace the present champion and could happily carry home the gold medal.

With push-ups to team success

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Despite freezing temperature, a group of highly motivated sportsmen and -women have been spotted during the last weeks, defying the cold with push-ups and squats: The ELFIN employees and their trainer Rainer from the “Original Bootcamp” are determined and meet one evening a week after work for one hour to work off stress and build up muscles.

St. Nicholas at ELFIN

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Year after year, St. Nicholas visits to give us a foretaste of Christmas and presents us with a few little things to create a festive mood. Here, at our company, St. Nicholas visited too this night and surprised the employees with a chocolate St. Nicholas on each desk. Everyone was smiling and had a wonderful start into the day. Therefore, we wish everyone a St. Nicholas day as wonderful as we had and a cosy and festive Christmas time!

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