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Lookout 2018 – ELFIN’s conference day

Katrin Grashof's picture

When a new year starts, it is time for thinking about development, making plans, and forming pious intentions. Maybe we consider a better personal development in our jobs, where to go for summer holiday and to start running when the weather is better – really! But last week, we did not only focus on our private plans, but mainly about how we can shape the future of ELFIN. We took a day off daily business and had a conference in the center of our beautiful city. All together, we addressed topics like how to improve communication and personal development, took our time to think about what we as individuals can contribute to ELFIN’s development and what to do to grow and to become a player in our industry and market. We all were motivated and eager to contribute and make suggestions, and temperature rose due to our smoking heads.

To even increase our team spirit we had this day, we accepted the Team Escape Challenge – 60 minutes to solve a mystery, find clues and think out of the box. It worked perfectly well, and we all escaped. Afterwards, we decided to wind down the day in a restaurant at Belgisches Viertel and to have a few last drinks at Cologne’s bars.

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