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Services around the beep

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Bosch Veranstaltung 2012

It is almost a tradition to have a presentation for the participants who have already arrived on the Heilbronner Aufzugtage the previous evening. This year the companies Bosch Security Systems and SafeLine invited to the event at the Insel-Hotel Heilbronn on Monday, the 14th of March of 2013.

The subject that evening was: 

„Services around the beep“

Jörg Hellmich made a presentation, as a guest speaker at the event, about "Machine-to-machine communication"

The event started at 18:00. However, there was a welcome snack at the hotel at 17:30.

Vortrag M2M Internet der Dinge

The number of participants was limited for reasons of space. For further questions, please contact Bodo Adamus.


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