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Social Day at ELFIN

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Annually, about a third of all food produced globally for human consumption is wasted, which harms the environment, the economy and also the people being in need for something to eat. We at ELFIN want to fight for the reduction of food waste and have already started.

Last week, we spent our annual social day at the local food distribution point “Elisabethkorb” in Cologne. There, food is distributed to people in need as a support action. Well organized teams of approx. 10 people receive the food from “Kölner Tafel”, a local food bank, sort and prepare and finally distribute it. Last Friday, ELFIN got the chance to take the place of one of those teams.

13 of us joined the initiative and helped the ones in need, seeing that food that would have been thrown away otherwise is now used for a good cause. But of course, experiencing the hard fates of people being in need for this support is also oppressive and encourages for reflection. Therefore, we should all start fighting food waste. Perhaps you are wondering how to contribute? Try spending your Social Day at Elisabethkorb, and check out on how small changes reducing food loss can easily be integrated into your daily life!

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