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Summer party 2017

Katrin Grashof's picture

The words elegant, functional, and innovative can definitely be used to describe the ELFIN waterskiing skills – in their own particular way. Composed of a mixture of ELFINs, family, and friends, we arrived at Langenfeld on a wonderful sunny Friday in July to celebrate summer. Almost everyone wanted of course to participate and try, and this was why it was pretty full at the runway in the beginning. But no need to worry – the waiting crowd was not bored at all, as they were given a spectacular performance by skilled persons as well as beginners. Everyone tried his and her best, of course, and after two hours, we really deserved the barbecue, a cool drink and diverse brought side dishes. The food was accompanied by the fantastic Michael Ilano and afterwards a DJ, who motivated to dancing as well as to a friendly get-together.

Thank you everyone for your motivation and good mood!

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