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Working in ELFIN as an intern from China

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My name is Zheng Yong and I come from China. Since September of 2015 I came to Germany, it has been one and half years now. During this one and half years, I spend about half year studying in the university and afterwards I worked for ELFIN as an intern until now. Time is flying. Now I have finished my study and work in Germany and am going to go back to China. Thinking of my whole journey in Germany, there were so many people and things make me moved and unforgettable, especially when I was in ELFIN. I really appreciate for the kindness and helpfulness from all the ELFINs and surely they will become a part of my memory forever.
Before I came to Germany I was a master student studied in Shanghai, China. At that time going abroad had been my pursuit for a long time. One day in March of 2015 when I learned that an international study program cooperated by Germany and China was available for me to apply for, I was very excited. Then without thinking too much I finished my registration and after one month I attended and got through the admission interview given by the German professors. Since then, my journey to Germany began.
I remember I took the plane in Shanghai on September 12, 2015 and the next day landed in Frankfurt Airport.
Soon after that on October 1, 2015 I officially enrolled at Coburg University and started my first semester. At the beginning when I studied in Coburg everything was just so nice for me. Coburg is a small but really quiet and beautiful town. My university is located on the top of a small hill. Beside the university it is a beautiful park. At that time my classmates and I studied together at the weekday. In our spare time, we had a lot of activities. Sometimes we had a walk or running crossing the park, sometimes we went to the gym to play badminton or basketball and sometimes we went to the swimming pool to swim for a while… And we also traveled a lot of places around Coburg. Everything couldn’t be more pleased. But as the time goes on things gradually changed. My study tasks were getting heavier and all the examinations were waiting for me at the end of semester. And even more, in the second semester I have to complete a compulsory internship and in the third semester I have to complete my master thesis. I began to feel a big pressure. But well, that was what I should do in Germany.
Then starting from the beginning of the second semester I began to look for internship. First I prepared all the documents which could be required by different companies. Then I started the searching on Internet. Searching for the suitable companies for which I could apply with my major. Searching for the suitable vacancy through the recruiting website like Linkedin and StepStone and so on. At the same time I also got some advice and recommendation from my teachers and classmates. Then after a quite lot of searching I found ELFIN GmbH in Cologne was looking for trainee or student apprentice in the field of embedded technology. And the tasks include PCB design via Altium Designer and support the software testing and implementing, which is exactly what I studied and am really interested in. So without hesitating I applied for this internship. Several days later I got response from ELFIN and then participated in a telephone interview given by Mr. Jörg Hellmich, the Managing Director of ELFIN. After that we also had some further negotiation about the details of the internship project. After we both agreed with each other we signed the contract. So finally I got an offer. During the negotiation, Mr. Hellmich was always full of politeness and patience. For this I am really grateful to him.
So after managed everything in the university I started the trip to Cologne. That was the first time I came to Cologne. I remember it was a very nice day when I arrived in Cologne and I was also excited and surprised by this new city which I was going to stay. Especially when the train crossed the bridge, I saw the beautiful sight: the river, the bridges and the cathedral, which for me only could appear on the picture before. Then after a weekend my internship in ELFIN started from a Monday. The internship was to develop and design the hardware for a smart home control system named HomePI. As a student apprentice without too much work experience worked in a foreign company for the first time, this project was actually a little difficult for me. But I was really lucky, because I got so many good-heart and helpful ELFIN colleagues. They not only helped me at work, but also helped me in life. And especially I had a really nice supervisor, Marcel Behlau. Marcel is a very responsible person and full of work experience. Whenever I ran into a trouble spot or had a question in my work, he always taught me everything carefully and patiently. Except that, he also told me a lot of experience about living in Germany. I express my sincere gratitude to him here.
Then with the help of my colleagues, I finished my internship and continued to do my master thesis in ELFIN. During my master thesis, Mr. Hellmich and Marcel gave me full understanding and allowed me to take leave frequently. So I got enough time to write my master thesis. And even that was a hard time, but with the companion of all my colleagues everything became easier. Apart from work, in ELFIN we also had a lot of activities, for example our annual Summer Party and Christmas Party, some parties taken place in the company like our International Dinner Party and Table Soccer Tournament, and some other parties arranged by some of our colleagues individually. All of these parties were just so pleasant, relaxing and full of fun and each of them was really impressive to me.
Now I have almost finished my job in ELFIN and got a lot of professional experience, which is really significant for my future career. Beyond that I also have successfully obtained my master degree. Everything for me couldn't be better. But I would have to say without the understanding and help from everybody who have ever companioned with me during the recent one and half years, especially my ELFIN colleagues, I shall never achieve what I have achieved now. Thank you, everybody! Thank you, ELFIN! May God bless you forever!

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