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Digitalization & Precision Farming

The recent growth in availability of IT-performance and the price drop of hard- and software have enabled the agriculture industry to develop leaner processes (digitalization) and better application technology (precision agriculture).

Digitialization can be used in different Marketing and Sales processes (e.g. CRM-systems, Digitial Marketing and Knowledge-Management-Systems) across the organization. Unfortunately, the implementation has failed in many companies due to the fact that strategies, processes, change management and IT were not initally aligned and implemented independently of each other.

Based on our IT experience, combined with a strong strategic approach and an operational industry-insider-view, ELFIN supports the conceptualization and implementation process of such digitalization projects.

Precision agriculture is a farming management concept based on monitoring (observing and measuring), and responding to variability (spatial and temporal) in crops. The objective of the agricultural community is to develop Decision Support System in order to optimize return on investments in a sustainable way.

Based on our technological footprint in M2M-Solutions in the lift industry, ELFIN provides knowledge and development services to the agricultural industry as well.