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flexyPage displays

What is flexyPage?

flexyPage is a modern, flexible system for simultaneous display of lift information and multimedia presentations in and outside of lifts. flexyPage displays are available in different models and sizes from 10,1” to 95”. They can be installed in any elevator and for most diverse applications including both new construction buildings and retrofitting.

The screen design and functions of flexyPage are freely configurable and can be also made via internet. Due to a specially designed web-editor an extra configuration software is not needed.

Do you expect economical aspects just as style and elegance in your elevator? With flexyPage displays you can set a highlight in your lift and foyer. With the optional touch-functionality the displays can be also used for inputs e.g. calls.


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flexyPage displays are compatible with the CANopen-Lift standard and are fitted with various interfaces compliant with current industrial requirements. This makes the displays customizable to your individual design-needs and application. More, all displays comprise internal sensors as well as support sensors that can be connected externally.

The main application areas of flexyPage displays are:


More about flexyPage Applications

The different functions of flexyPage displays are provided through widgets, little applications that can be configurated freely for any use. Through the flexyPage library you have access to a wide range of dynamic widgets including lift buttons for call entries, lift indicators, sensor visualisation for weight, speed and position, access restriction systems by pin-code as well as web services like RSS feeds and weather forecasts. Those are helping you not only to inform and entertain your elevator‘s passengers, but to also give you a new way to communicate in case of emergencies.

More about flexyPage Widgets