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Phosfluorescently e-enable adaptive synergy for strategic quality vectors. Continually transform fully tested expertise with competitive technologies. Appropriately communicate adaptive imperatives rather than value-added potentialities. Conveniently harness frictionless outsourcing whereas state of the art interfaces. Quickly enable prospective technology rather than open-source technologies.

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Hardware Development

Hardware Development

Our area of expertise are conception, development and production of high-quality electronic assemblies.

Hardware Development

Besides the housing the board constitutes the center piece of any electronic product. A board's draft is often considered as engineering art. It combines scientific knowledge with experience, natural intuition, that creates a unified vision. All ideas, knowledge and the software are combined at this point.

Senior JavaScript + PHP Developer IoT

We are looking for a talented senior web developer, to expand our developer team in Cologne. The main task is the development of applications for our PHP based content management system and the development of configuration tools based on HTML5 for our elevator components.

A high qualified team with lean hierarchies and its creative environment make ELFIN an ideal work place for creative minds. If your enjoy software development and would like to work with the newest technologies, join our team!

Systemadministrator/in Linux

Bei ELFIN hast du vom ersten Tag an Möglichkeiten, unsere IT-Struktur aktiv mitzugestalten. Wir sind ein junges, schnell wachsendes Unternehmen, das dir vielfältige Gelegenheiten bietet, dir unterschiedlichste Technologien anzueignen und dich so breit aufzustellen. Anfangs werden wir dich in unseren bestehenden Technologiestack einarbeiten. Anschließend wirst du eigenverantwortlich deine eigenen Aufgabenbereiche übernehmen.