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Meeting of the manufacturer of lift controller units

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offene SchnittstellenA meeting of lift controller manufacturers took place at the company KW Aufzugstechnik GmbH on the 25th of June 2012. The company ELFIN GmbH invited to the meeting and moderated the discussions. The invitation to Oberursel was addressed this time to 14 mid sized lift controller manufacturers.

Innovation Time


Nothing is stronger as an idea whose time has come.

Victor Hugo


Leave the team some space to develop their ideas and have the possibility and time to materialise their inspiration - that is the aim of ELFIN-Innovation-Time, in short i-TIME.

ELFIN GmbH lets his coworkers 10% of their work time to try to shape their new ideas - if they use that time themselves or in teams, in the office or outside, it is their decision.

VFA information day - VDI 4707 part 2

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VFA Aussprachetag zur VDI 4707-2 Energieeinsparung ELFINOn 13th of June 2012 a VFA information day took place in collaboration with the VDI, about the new guidelines for VDI 4707 part 2. This guideline is currently available in a preview version and will provide methods of energy calculation of elevators.

Eleven experts explained the basis of the new standard at the event. A tool for the calculations of energy needs was presented and about 50 participants were shown methods to calculate the shaft, the doors and several types of devices efficiency.

Per Koppers - 6 Months at ELFIN

Per Koppers

Since December 2011 is Mr. Per Koppers a part of ELFIN team as a project assistant. He studied commercial management in dual system at the Europäischen Fachhochschule (EUFH) in Brühl. He chose the dual system to have some practical experience during his studies, what he finds really important.

There were several reasons that made him decide for the intensive learning program at the EUFH. On the one hand the size of the clases, no more than 28 students, facilitate a successful and personal environment. On the other hand the teachers can link the theory to the practical experience.

Strategic hike on top of 'Kahlen Asten'

Strategiewanderung ELFIN

The ELFIN GmbH executive commite met on a strategic hike, to set the roots of a healthy growth. During these two days they agreed on the following points:

  • Strong focus on exciting tasks
  • Implement the company values ​​"development, enjoyment and appreciation" more in projects
  • Move to larger offices
  • Hire technically competent and friendly staff
  • Increasing the quantity and quality of training for all employees and shareholders
  • Improve in fitness (except Jörg Hellmich, who already climbed the hill like a young gazelle )

The next strategic hiking is planned for next August.

Editorial Board of the journal Lift-Report

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LiftReportThe technical magazine Lift REPORT is, with the LIFTjournal, the essential source of information about the news in the elevator industry in the German-speaking countries.

Jörg Hellmich is a member of the editorial board of the Lift-REPORT since 26 April 2012. With many years of experience and deep knowledge of the industry, he is now a part of the VFZ as publishing consultant.

We look forward to a productive cooperation.

2*RSManagement gets 3*ELFIN

notary appointment for founding ELFIN GmbH on 2nd March 2012The managing partner team was completed by Jörg Hellmich on the 2nd of March of 2012. Jörg worked for many years in research and development and as a project manager for BÖHNKE + PARTNER GMBH STEUERUNGSSYSTEME, a lift-controller producer. During this time he was also responsible for the international expansion and strategic change to the standard CANopen.

Online Stammtisch Köln - ELFIN right in the middle

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An event that is always exciting: meet new and old contacts of the IT start-up world, exchange opinions about the newest technology and business models and start and develop cooperations. Congratulations to the whole OSK and specially to Ben Kasselmann for the organisation. ELFIN is already looking forward to the next NETworking event in Cologne.

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