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VDI guidance committee for connecting lifts and escalators to technical building system

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The guidance committee constituent meeting for the revisioning of the VDI 6013 ‘Lift, escalators, moving walkways - information exchange with plants of the conveyor technology’ took place in Düsselforf on the 29th of January, 2015. A standardised interface based on Modbus/TVP and BACnet between plants of conveyor technology and building automation should be defined, as well as notes on the documentary, the implementation and installation should be described in detail. Proposals of lift controller manufacturers, which were evolved within the group OC4L, served as basis for the new guidance.

VFA Working Group Norms

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VDI und VFA gemeinsamer RichtlinienausschussOn April 3rd 2014 the working group norms of the VFA met to develop and provide the members with an overview of changes to norms and guidelines in the elevator industry. After pointing to the upcoming ‘Product Category Rules for Lifts’ (PCR 4354) and information regarding the shutdown of the analogue telephone network, the newly adopted elevator guideline ‘AufzRL 2014/33/EU’ and the upcoming EN 81 20/50 were the main focus.

Jörg Hellmich informed the attendees about the recent developments and the upcoming changes of the guideline VDI 6013 (Information Exchange with other Installations of the Technical Building Equipment), which is currently in the process of revision.

VFA information day - VDI 4707 part 2

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VFA Aussprachetag zur VDI 4707-2 Energieeinsparung ELFINOn 13th of June 2012 a VFA information day took place in collaboration with the VDI, about the new guidelines for VDI 4707 part 2. This guideline is currently available in a preview version and will provide methods of energy calculation of elevators.

Eleven experts explained the basis of the new standard at the event. A tool for the calculations of energy needs was presented and about 50 participants were shown methods to calculate the shaft, the doors and several types of devices efficiency.

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