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VDI guidance committee for connecting lifts and escalators to technical building system

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The guidance committee constituent meeting for the revisioning of the VDI 6013 ‘Lift, escalators, moving walkways - information exchange with plants of the conveyor technology’ took place in Düsselforf on the 29th of January, 2015. A standardised interface based on Modbus/TVP and BACnet between plants of conveyor technology and building automation should be defined, as well as notes on the documentary, the implementation and installation should be described in detail. Proposals of lift controller manufacturers, which were evolved within the group OC4L, served as basis for the new guidance.

Telekom: Massive problems with the VoIP migration

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Telefon VoIP malfunction Deutsche Telekom plans to convert all their analogue connections to IP telephony by 2018. 3 million connections got changed in Germany to IP telephony already. Conventional analog and ISDN lines are now available only at the expressed demand. However, recent weeks have been shown that Telekom is facing massive problems in the operation and conversion. Many VoIP Telekom customers complain of repeated and prolonged outages of IP-based telephone lines. This occurred repeatedly on large-scale disturbances and the affected customers were not connected for hours in the landline  network. This not only destroys the trust of customers in the new technology for the normal landline telephony. Especially emergency equipment which has to ensure a constant availability of the emergency center are among these. For emergency devices in elevators you should now consider alternatives in more detail.

Imagevideo CANopen-Lift online

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Imagevideo CANopen-Lift

Just in time the CANopen-Lift image video was ready to be presented to the interested public on the CAN in Automation stand at Interlift 2013. The video shows graphically the advantages of open standards for installers and operators. You can find the CANopen-Lift image video online at Youtube now.

Second meeting of the manufacturer of lift controller units

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Logo OC4LOn the 19th of September of 2012 the second meeting of the manufacturer of lift controller units took place at the company KW Aufzugstechnik GmbH. The company ELFIN GmbH invited to the meeting and moderated the discussions. The invitation to Oberursel was adressed this time to 15 mid sized lift controller manufacturers.

Data exchange with building automation systems

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VDI und VFA gemeinsamer RichtlinienausschussIn Autunm 2012 the current policy VDI 6013 will be revised. (Data exchange with building automation systems).

Jörg Hellmich, as a delegate of the VFA-Interlift e.V., will take part in the revision of the policy and represent the interest of the small and medium sized elevator companies on this issue. He will continually inform the VFA about the current work of the committee.

Meeting of the manufacturer of lift controller units

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offene SchnittstellenA meeting of lift controller manufacturers took place at the company KW Aufzugstechnik GmbH on the 25th of June 2012. The company ELFIN GmbH invited to the meeting and moderated the discussions. The invitation to Oberursel was addressed this time to 14 mid sized lift controller manufacturers.

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