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Welthungerhilfe and ELFIN's support

Who is Welthungerhilfe?

The Welthungerhilfe is an organization which has been founded in 1962 to promote sustainable food security. Nowadays, the organization is known as a private aid organization which is political and denominational independent and charitable as their focus to realize the Right to Food aims at making themselves unnecessary. They annually support millions of people to enable them helping themselves and give assistance in urgent emergencies as well as in long- term development projects, in whose framework they fight hunger causes by implementing habitat- adopted agriculture, education systems, water supply and sanitation. 

How do they achieve #zerohunger?

To realize their ambitious goals, the Welthungerhilfe collects private donations and duplicates them with public funds from e.g. the European Union. Additionally, the organization plans various projects for single persons, schools or companies. One of these projects was the #ZeroHungerRun in Bonn on the 9th of October. Following the United Nation's Sustainable Development Goal to achieve Zero Hunger until 2030, the Welthungerhilfe uses the starting fees to organize trainings about sustainable agriculture, cookery courses clarifying hygiene and healthy diet and seeds for familes in Mali.

ELFIN and the Welthungerhilfe

As ELFIN was part of the #ZeroHungerRun, click here to read about our runners and the run itself.