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Ending hunger and malnutrition is of particular importance to achieve the fulfillment of everyone's demands on dignity, equality and a healthy environment. Therefore, zero hunger is not only the second goal of the United Nation's Sustainable Development Goals, but also many organizations such as the Welthungerhilfe and several companies have committed themselves to fight for #zerohunger. ELFIN too undertakes measures to contribute in this battle. Scroll down to find out about our commitment, projects and the challenges we face!

Why is hunger an issue?

Nearly 800 million people suffer from hunger nowadays - everday and everywhere. Due to population growth and an increasing demand for meat, more crops than there has ever been have to be planted to supply the world's population, and it is still not enough. Climat change causes desertification and erosin; and water is becoming scarce, as agriculture is already responsible for 70% of the world's water consumption.  

Therefore, sustainable agriculture systems must be implemented to ensure a global food supply which protects the environment and preserves our resources to be future- compliant. 

The Zero Hunger Challenge...

...is a renewed call to action by the United Nations to encourage and accelerate the civil society's commitment to end hunger and malnutrition and to build sustainable food systems. As a company, there are several possibilities to take action within the framework of the Challenge. Therefore, ELFIN has seized the opportunity to expand our Business Commitment to fight for #zerohunger by having joined the Challenge immediately. We keep to the 5 core modules from within the Sustainable Development Goals which guide our corporate policy and projects, which are listed below.

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Business Commitment

As the society's call for sustainability and responsible handling of (human) resources becomes more and more louder and dominieering these days, the Zero Hunger Challenge provides an opportunity for companies to prove their Business Commitment and true effort. Since the Zero Hunger Challenge has been launched by the UN Secretary General Ban Ki- Moon in 2012, companies can register themselves as a Supporter and have the possibility to regularly increase their position to become a Participant or even a Champion. 

Now ELFIN signed in as a Supporter of the Zero Hunger Challenge and commits to the ZH Declaration(link is external)

  • We try to offer our consultancy services especially for projects that increase sustainable agriculture, support smallholder farmers or optimize food value chains with a lot of passion.
  • We try to partner with local organizations that help nourishing people or reduce food waste.
  • We will hold ourselves accountable and take demonstrative, measurable and time- bound action.

By abiding to those principles, ELFIN actively supports the 5 core elements(link is external) of the Zero Hunger Challenge which will contribute to end hunger and malnutrition! 


On the 9th of October, 2016, the #ZeroHungerRun took place in Bonn, Rheinaue. More than 1300 participants signed in to run for achieving #zerohunger. Organized by the German organization Welthungerhilfe, the runners completed 5 or 10 km and donated the starting fees to make an important step towards #zerohunger in the world. 

The employees of the ELFIN GmbH have been part of the event, too, and did not only reach the finish line, but also took the opportunity to further make contacts with the Welthungerhilfe to expand our cooperation and support for #zerohunger. 

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Farmer training

Sustainable principles guide 100% of our projects. So does one of our key client projects, which is about training of smallholder farmers in Africa. We supported the development of adequate training material, consisting of structured facilitator manuals, key messages, presentations and exercises. These materials are currently beeing implemented broadly via Public- Private- Partnerships.

Certification for smallholder farmers

Another one of our projects deals with the development and implementation of certification programs. Training sessions and farm advice which smallholder farmers can attend to qualify themselves for a certification have been developed with our support, and we coordinate their implementation in more than 14 countries. Certifications are key nowadays, as the consumer demands more and more high quality, sustainable and transparent products. Smallholder farmers are therefore not only enabled to access regional and global markets, but agriculture becomes more sustainable and transparent.  

Overhaul of training for consultants helping producers to implement Good Agricultural Practices

As the demand for more sustainably produced food increases, so does the producers’ one for implementing and getting certified on good agricultural practices. For the farmer, this allows access to new international markets and value chains and strengthens a safe and secure food supply from the retailer and consumer perspective.

However, such certification schemes and systems are rather complex and difficult to grasp, in particular when it comes to the interpretation of compliance criteria and offering solid solutions that ensure compliance. This is where ELFIN comes into play. In cooperation with a key G.A.P. certification scheme provider, we revised the former training concept, training structure and training materials. This helps our client to more effectively and efficiently transfer relevant knowledge on the scheme and system from the training environment into daily practice of dedicated consultants preparing the farmer for successful certification. A smart combination of interactive training methods and catchy training materials enriched by practice-oriented training modules is now incorporated to leverage on success for both, the training program and the consultants. That’s how a first class consulting service helps to push Good Agricultural Practices – empowered by ELFIN.