Our area of expertise are conception, development and production of high-quality electronic assemblies. With this in mind we emphasize the customer’s needs to adapt their project to its requirements. Whether you are looking for a new product’s complete solution or want to optimize an existing device: We will advise you extensively and find an ideal solution for your application.

Universal Gateway for lifts

The centerpiece

Besides the housing, the board constitutes the center piece of any electronic product. A board's draft is often considered as engineering art. It combines scientific knowledge with experience, natural intuition, that creates a unified vision. All ideas, knowledge and the software are combined at this point.

Precision and efficiency

To meet the requirements of modern products at the development of electronic products we are working with the Altium Designer in the field of hardware development - a software-solution that is technologically state-of-the-art and combines precision, efficiency and easy operation.

Hardware for Digitale Signage
Hardware für Ihre Aufzugsanlage | Hardware for your lift

Fit perfectly

With its high-performance, 3D-visualization and collision detection ensure that your designs fit immediate in their housings. The board’s corresponding 3D-step-models will be also available for you.

Experts at your side

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Hardware development overview

Our hardware development services


  • Analysis of requirements

  • Development of a concept

  • Development of a functional specification document

  • Draft of analogue- and digital circuits

  • Development of electronic circuits

  • Manufacturing and testing of models

  • Device construction

  • Transfer into serial production

  • Execution of qualifying examinations

  • Authoring of documentation

Linking via interfaces and field busses


  • Interfaces: UART (RS232/422/485), CAN, USB, I2C, SPI, Ethernet

  • WLAN, GSM / GPRS / UMTS / LTE, Bluetooth, ZigBee, NFC

  • Protocols: Modbus TCP, HTTP, XML, PPP, SSL, SSH, VPN, CANopen, CANopen-SAFETY, i. a.


  • Automation

  • Remote configuration, remote maintenance and remote control

  • Measurement and control

  • M2M: internet-based exchange of information between machines, facilities and devices

  • Lift industry (for example displays and linking)

  • Building- and home automation

  • Access control

  • and much more ...

Experience & references


  • Micro controller boards with 4x1-GHz iMX6™, 1-GHz Sitara™ ARM® Cortex®-A8, Qualcomm/Atheros™ AR9331, NXP™ Vybrid® VF50, NXP™ LPC17xx 

  • up to 8 layers multi layer boards

  • Impedance calculations for bus wires, HDMI + LVDS wires, antenna connecting cables, DDR-RAM data bus and much more

  • PCIexpress

  • Switching power supplies, DC/DC converter,

  • Audio amplifier

  • Test benches and test circuits for commissioning and series production


Software development

Do you also need the right software solution for your hardware? We will develop perfectly tailored software for your device.

Zwei-Sinne-Notruf für Aufzüge | 2-Sense-Communication for lifts