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Due to our years of experience in the elevator industry and our competent engineers, we have become one of the leading companies in the networking of elevators. Benefit from our know-how in:

  • embedded hardware and software development,
  • embedded Linux system and
  • networking via CANopen, Modbus, or the internet.
Technology for lift | Technologien für Aufzüge | IoT

Our experience

(Product) development through cooperation

From the beginning we think together with you about the specifications, productability, and wanted cost price for your product. We make sure that the product meets the necessary standards and legislation. Together with you we make the right choices taking product and market developments in consideration. In this way, you will get a product that is on time for a successful market launch.

You want to revise an existing device or develop a new one? We support you when you have difficulties with hardware development and the elaboration of new know-how, as well as the development of complete solutions. Profit from our expertise in the areas of electronics development including micro controller, embedded hardware- and software development, embedded Linux systems and cross-linking over CANopen, Modbus and the internet. 

High-tech is our DNA

Up-to-date technology and quality are what our employees go for. It’s in our DNA. That is why we daily invest in building up knowledge in new technologies. We excel in the some areas of digital electronics, embedded software, test systems and cloud-based solutions. On top of that we also know very well how to get it produced e.g in conveyor technology or railway technology. On request we work together with several technology partners which supply us with the latest technologies and tools. We have several partners that can help us to speed up a develop or a complete solution for you.

hardware for lifts | Hardware für Aufzüge
Universal Gateway
Universal Gateway for lifts

Jörg Hellmich
Managing director 

Experts at your side

With more than 30 years of experiences in the elevator industry Jörg Hellmich is one of the driving forces in the development of standards. As Chairman of the CANopen Special Interest Group Lift and board member of the NeXt group, he is actively involved in the further development of standards. He is the ideal expert at your side!

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Project based approach

In our offices in Cologne (Germany) we work through a project based approach. We select the right team for your project and have access to all necessary tooling and equipment. Whether agile development or waterfall model, in close cooperation with you we define the way of working for your project. If required we can also develop according to your own development process and quality manual.

Transparency and trust

We find good communication very important for a successful project. That's why every project is managed by one of our project managers. He is your primary contact person. Direct communication between you and our engineers is essential. Therefore we meet with customers at their offices or our office on a regular basis. For short-term meetings, various video conferencing systems are also available. The project manager guarantees that every project is successfully completed: with the right quality, on time and within the budget. That is the base for your trust in us.

Knowledge of your market

Technology is just one part of the solution. Already during the conception phase it’s important to know how the technology is used in your market. We need to know how the product is used and which standards have to be met.  We have a broad experience in several areas such as machine engineering, HMI display systems, conveyor technology, railway technology and communication systems.

Hardware development

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Software development

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Computer vision

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Do you know our products?

In addition to our services, we also offer smart products and web technologies for your elevator system or digital signage solution.

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