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LCL-01 Linux controller

The hardware LCL-01 can be used for multiple applications. We currently offer two different versions: The LCL-01-Lift as universal gateway for the use in lifts and escalators with different implemented protocols and applications as well as the LCL-01-SDK together with a software development kit which enables to write own applications for the hardware. The LCL-01 Linux controller for elevators can be used in many elevator applications and in smart building applications. 

With its strong processing power, a safe embedded Linux operating system and an extensive number of different interfaces, the LCL-01 is a universal hardware. The LCL-01 can be extended individually by the integrated expansion port.

Three different LCL-01 module versions are offered: On the one hand the universal gateway LCL-01-LIFT for use in lifts and escalators, the edge controller for cloud applications LCL-01-EDGE and on the other hand the LCL-SDK as a basis for the development of your own applications (LCL-01 with Software Development Kit).

What characterizes the Linux controller for lifts LCL-01?


There are different extensions available for the LCL-01. 

LIN-IO board and LIO-01

The LIN interface enables an extension of the LCL-01 by up to 120 inputs, outputs and calls.The LIO-01 module provides 8 freely programmable I/Os. Up to 15 LIO-01 can be directly connected to the LCL-01. The maximum length of the LIN-bus amounts 40 m.

RS485 interface RS485-A1

Via the extension module RS485-A1 a RS485-interface for the implementation of proprietary protocols can be provided. The interface module can be connected directly to the LCL-01 board. 

CAN-LIN-IO board CLI-01

If the 120 I/Os of the LIO-01 module do not suffice, additional inputs, outputs and calls can be provided by the two CAN interfaces with the CLI-01 module. Up to 99 CLI-01 boards with 8 freely programmable I/Os each can be connected to every CAN-interface. The number of I/Os of every single CLI-01 can be expanded by up to 15×8 I/Os with the LIO-01 module. Therefor every LCL-01 can be extended by up to 2x100x16x8+120=25720 I/Os.  


  • 2x LAN (10/100 MBit)

  • 2x USB (high speed USB 2.0; USB host & USB device)

  • SD card slot

  • 1x LIN

  • 2x CAN (high speed, CAN 2.0A/B, galvanically isolated)
Overview of advantages
  • Many established interfaces combined in one device

  • Powerful hardware for a fast protocol implementation

  • Development, fabrication and support Made in Germany

  • Get your machine to the cloud (internet of things)

  • Development of your own software with software development kit

  • Active further development of the software by ELFIN

  • Entwicklung eigener Software mit Software Development Kit
  • aktive Weiterentwicklung der Software durch ELFIN technology 

  • Embedded ARM processor with 400 MHz (NXP® Vybrid™) with 128 MB DDR, 128 MB NAND (also available with 500 MHz or as iMX6 1x1000 MHz or 2x1000 MHz)

  • Realtime clock

  • Watchdog function

  • external co-processor (NXP® LPC)

  • 4 kb EEPROM

  • Extension-slot: for additional boards, e.g. RS232, RS485 etc.

  • Easy extension with in- and outputs via CAN or LIN

  • ELFIN supports adjustment of hard- and software


LCL-01 for elevators and escalators

With its integrated interfaces LAN, USB, LIN and RS485 (optional) the universal gateway LCL-01 is the ideal hardware for use in lifts and escalators. For this purpose different protocols and applications are available, e.g.: 

  • CANopen-Lift – for the connection of sensors, inputs and outputs 
  • LIN – for the cost-effective extension with inputs and outputs
  • Modbus TCP – for the connection to building automation (Scada) or request of escalators
  • VPN – for a safe remote control via internet and connection to the cloud 

For the configuration of the device an easy to operate web frontend is available. This makes a configuration of different parameters via laptop or smartphone possible without installing a configuration software beforehand. The LCL-01 can be extended easily by applications or implemented protocols via the provided development platform (SDK) and the integrated plugin-system.

This makes the LCL-01 predestinated for different applications in the conveyance and building management sector.

LCL-01-SDK with Software Development Kit

With the LCL-01 Software Development Kit we offer you an extensive platform to write your own applications with embedded linux (Yocto) as basis. 


You need help?

ELFIN technology also offers software development for the LCL-01 as an additional service. An adjustment of the hardware by additional interfaces or different type of construction is also possible at any time.

Currently the LCL-01 can be offered with an embedded ARM processor with 400 MHz (NXP® Vybrid™) and 128 MB DDR3, 128 MB NAND. Optional it can be offered with an iMX-UL with WiFi + Bluetooth.

The LCL-01 can be easily accommodated to increasing demands, which makes it future-proof and provides you flexibility.