flexyPage® System

Innovative digital signage solutions for your elevator

flexyPage® is a universal display system for elevators and digital signage. Visit the flexyPage® website for get to know its products.
Digital signage for elevator | Digital Signage für Aufzüge

Smarte sensor technology

We develop sensors to detect people, objects and vehicles in your building. Everything is precisely and individually adapted to your conditions. Our goal is to optimize the flow of people and make your building safer.


Universal gateway for every elevator and escalators

With its strong processing power, a safe embedded Linux operating system and an extensive number of different interfaces, the LCL-01 is a universal hardware. The LCL-01 can be extended individually by the integrated expansion port.

Universal Gateway for lifts | Universal Gateway für Aufzüge

Leon Dokkum
Head of operation

Experts at your side

Our Head of Operation, Leon Dokkum, has been responsible for our products for many years and is instrumental in their development. This makes him the ideal expert at your side when it comes to our innovative products!

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