Software Contracting Basics

Purchasing ELFIN technology Software is simple. When you submit a purchase order for ELFIN Software, ELFIN grants you a license or right to use the Software under either our Universal Cloud Agreement (UCA) (for Software provided as a cloud service). Our UCA set out the rights and responsibilities that apply to ELFIN Software. Some Software may also have supplemental terms that apply as described below.

Order Form

Your order form or purchase order contains the commercial terms about the Software you are buying, such as the duration, quantity, price and payment frequency. Your order form or purchase order will most likely be between you and a ELFIN reseller or, in the case of direct purchases from ELFIN, between you and ELFIN

License Terms

The UCA described below contain the general legal terms applicable to all ELFIN Software, like how you can access and use it, how we use your data, your license rights, etc.

ELFIN Universal Cloud Agreement (UCA)

Supplemental Terms

Certain Software may have additional terms that apply. These specific terms are set forth in an offer description (for Software provided as a cloud service) or a SEULA (for on-premise Software). If there are supplemental terms, they can be found by searching the applicable links below under the name of the Software. 

Related Documents & Policies

Your use of ELFIN Software may also be subject to the following ELFIN policies